Police crackdown on unsafe vehicles

Like me you might have noticed an increase in police presence of late, honestly I see them everywhere pulling people over hiding behind bushes ready to pounce, under motorway bridges everywhere. I’ve been pulled over myself not long back just for routine police checks on my car, luckily all was fine despite me busting for a wee (made it home in time! PHEW!!) but an article has been released following a weeklong police safety operation showing that in this time 2,500 vans were taken off the road for dangerous defects.

This action was taken after a check on 183,000 vans for things like speeding, alcohol, drugs, seatbelts use, tachograph infringements, excess weight, dangerous loading and document offences. A grand old total of 41,379 offences were reported by police by naughty vans drivers.
So remember the rules of the road just in case as you have a job to do at the end of the day but a as responsible van driver its always best to do safely!